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History of Bheshjam

Bheshajam, established in 1968 in Kollam, Kerala, is a renowned Ayurveda community society dedicated to the cultivation and development of medicinal plants and Ayurvedic products. With its roots deeply embedded in the rich Ayurvedic tradition of Kerala, Bhesajam has been instrumental in fostering the growth and sustainability of medicinal plants essential for Ayurvedic treatments.

ural practices and employing traditional Ayurvedic knowledge, Bhesajam contributes to the conservation of biodiversity and the preservation of indigenous healing traditions.

Furthermore, Bheshajam is likely involved in the manufacturing and distribution of a wide range of Ayurvedic products, including herbal medicines, oils, powders, and supplements. These products are carefully formulated to harness the therapeutic properties of medicinal plants and offer effective solutions for various health conditions.

Through its holistic approach to Ayurveda, Bheshajam plays a crucial role in promoting wellness and enhancing healthcare accessibility within the community. By supporting the cultivation of medicinal plants and the production of Ayurvedic products, the society empowers individuals to embrace natural remedies and lead healthier lives in harmony with nature.