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An Elexir From Nature

The link between man and human life. As a mother to a
the veda of life, is best among is examblorory ev nature gives ever nature’s gilt 7m the beginning of o man. Ayurveda, Curing by creating a nostalgic feeling makes Ayurveda a scared mode of treatment. Unlike other way of treatments, Ayurveda does not benefit in the exploitation of a healthy body. Demolishing even the minute traces of disease is an advantage which Ayurveda adones for centuries. Zooming the mirror of India’s achievemnts, Ayurveda stands first in the row upholding the pride and traditions of our motherland.
whakam propogates the mission to manufacture holicy of Ayurvedic medicines and supply thenat reasonable rates. Our suo-moto is not profit but splendi quality”
Bheshajam, an Ayurvedic Medicine manufaturing unit, comes under Co-operative sector controlled by the Department of Industries and Commerce with the share of Govt. of Kerala. The office and the plan are located at Mundakkal; 2 kms away from the herart of the Kollar town. It is managed by the veterans in the field of Ayurveda and functioned by dedicated and wast experienced workers. Ayurveda doctors are the members of the Society.