Kollam District Ayurveda Oushada
Nirmana Vyavasaya Co-operative Society Ltd
Mundakkal, Industrial Estate, Kollam
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Book Corner

Besides production and distribution of medicines our other activities include publication and distribution of books required for ayurveda medical, academicals, and research purposes through our book corner. Books are available at discounted rates and we do send books through VPP against orders. Currently we offer..


A Text book of Ophthalmology in Ayurveda                              Rs.
                        Dr. Santhakumari M.D (Ay)                            450/-
Athura shusrushayum Panchakarmavum
                        Dr. Rajeeve Kumar (B.A.M)                            90/-
A glimpse of Ayurveda            
                        Dr. P. A Ravindran (B.A.M)                             65/-
Chikilsa Panjakam
(Amulya Anje Anubhava Chikilsakal)
                        Dr. K. Chandra choodan (B.A. M)                    50/-
Immunisation  Adhunikavum Ayurvedavum
                        Dr. K. Jyothilal                                               360/-
Principles and Practice of Vasti
                        Dr. Vasudevan Nampoothir (M.D)
                        Dr. L. Mahadevan (M.D)                                 270/-
Panchakarma Problems and solutions
                        Dr. Vasudevan Nampoothir (M.D)
                        Dr. L. Mahadevan (M.D)                                 50/-



General Body Meeting


A M A I 32nd State General Body Meeting to be held on 9th January 2011


Diacure can prevent  Diabetic retinopathy says experts


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