Kollam District Ayurveda Oushada
Nirmana Vyavasaya Co-operative Society Ltd
Mundakkal, Industrial Estate, Kollam
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Bheshajam is an organization operating under the cooperative society which has 600 members where 30% share is held by the state government. The board of members including the president and the secretery is selected though election within the body. Our current board of directors:
·        Dr. K. B. Somarajan Pillai
·        Dr. N. Keshaven Namboothiri
·        Dr. K. Sreerangan
·        Dr. AbubekkarKunje
·        Dr. B. JayaKumar
·        Dr. Sherief Ahamad
·        Dr. SajiPrasad
·        Dr. Saju. V

General Body Meeting


A M A I 32nd State General Body Meeting to be held on 9th January 2011


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