Kollam District Ayurveda Oushada
Nirmana Vyavasaya Co-operative Society Ltd
Mundakkal, Industrial Estate, Kollam
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Patent Drugs


Bheshajam has earned its G. M. P Certificate by this time and in our specially designed laboratory we undergo research and development of ayurvedic medicines. This is carried out under the supervision of permanently appointed doctor where we do not compromise quality. The drugs that we manufacture;
1.     Diacure
An Ideal Herbal Formulation For “PREMEHA”
·        Regulates blood glucose level
·        Relieves polyuria and    polydipsia
·        Prevents complications like Diabetic, Neuropathy, Diabetic nephropathy etc
·        Can be used in pre-diabetic condition
2.     Leucure
An Authentic Remedy for “Shweta Predharama”
·        Relieves non-specific Leucorrhoea and its associated symptoms
·        Relieves back ache and weakness
·        Relieves hyper acidity
(Dosage: 10 gm twice daily with a glass of warm milk)

General Body Meeting


A M A I 32nd State General Body Meeting to be held on 9th January 2011


Diacure can prevent  Diabetic retinopathy says experts


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