Kollam District Ayurveda Oushada
Nirmana Vyavasaya Co-operative Society Ltd
Mundakkal, Industrial Estate, Kollam
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To avail our service and products to the market, it is essential for us to reach to the public and we make this possible through our sales depots. Through these sale depots we aim to avail the public the best Quality medicines at there best price. At present Bheshajam run the following sale depots
1.      Bheshajam Medical Store
Karthika Towers
Near Shanker’s Hospital
Opp: Reliance Web World
Ph: 9287983703
2.      Janatha Medicals
Kollam District Ayurvedic Hospital
The great response that we receive from the public towards these depots, we promise more depots in short time that could help the society.

General Body Meeting


A M A I 32nd State General Body Meeting to be held on 9th January 2011


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