Kollam District Ayurveda Oushada
Nirmana Vyavasaya Co-operative Society Ltd
Mundakkal, Industrial Estate, Kollam
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Kerala's first ayurveda medicine manufacturing
unit under co-operative sector,
No compromise in quality and highly comprehensive in activity
An institution solely managed by medical practitioners
Fair and authentic service of long forty years
Quality medicines in moderate rates 


Bheshajam was organizationally formed in 1968 after numerous years of thinking, planning and hard work of few Ayurveda doctors. The thought that lead to the formation of Bheshajam was production and distribution of Quality Ayurvedic medicines in a minimal price for the members and thus to the general public. Though it was small in size during its initial days, the vision was wide that took the organization which operates in the corporate society to a great success. Today Bheshajam is wide both in its size holding 600 ayurveda doctors as its members where the state government holds 30% share and in its activities.
The organization gives utmost care and dedication in all the stages of production of medicines to ensure quality and thus earned G. M. P certificate within in a short span of time. We have a specially designed laboratory and permanently appointed doctor to take charge of quality assurance in production of medicines. We also run a medical retail shop in corporation with Kollam district ayurveda hospital with the name of ‘Janatha Medicals’, to ensure availability of quality medicines in minimal rates for the public.   
Today Bheshajam involves in numerous other social activities like, conducting medical camps, distribution of medicines for immunity clinics and other medical camps conducted by the bodies under district panchayt. We also avail medicines required by the government ayurveda hospitals and promote cultivation of medical plants. All these activities together with the production of medicines helps Bheshajam to run in profit.  

General Body Meeting


A M A I 32nd State General Body Meeting to be held on 9th January 2011


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